Where Has Our Country Gone?

Friday, February 17, 2006

Problems with Political Correctness

Political Correctness (PC), defined as "a term used in various countries to describe real or perceived attempts to impose limits on the acceptable language, terms, and viewpoints in public discussion. While it usually refers to a linguistic phenomenon, it is sometimes extended to cover political ideology or public behavior" (Wikipedia).

PC is something that has been in existence for a long time now. However, it has really picked up steam in the past decade or so, becoming far too overbearing. For instance, it is not fair to call fat people fat, we have to call them overweight, horizontally challenged. We can't call short people short, we have to call them vertically challenged. It gets better. We aren't allowed to do certain activities because it is unfair to people.

For example, dodgeball, the favored game of gym-time doesn't exist anymore except save for some leagues spawned from the movie Dodgeball. Dodgeball was the ultimate equalizer. It was everyone for themselves. If you were bad at throwing you had the opportunity to catch the ball, if you were slow you got hit, if you were great at throwing you were a god. The game is far more than just throwing, catching, and dodging. You pick your targets, fire at them, take them down, and systematically defeat everyone on the court. If you were a bully you were probably a prime target. If you were the class nerd you were probably a prime target. No one was safe. It isn't played anymore because it isn't fair to slow kids, doofy kids, fat kids, whinny kids, and so on and so fourth. TOO BAD. Life isn't fair although PC really attempts to cast life as the most pleasant thing out there, where nothing bad can happen to anyone. Dodgeball taught that lesson, it taught that things aren't fair. So, out of compassion for the kids who repeatedly lost in dodgeball, because they were just useless to begin with, this game is banned. I was the dorky, doofy, not super-athletic, short kid when I was in school. Dodgeball, for me, was the best damn game out there and I made it my point to knock out as many people as I could, especially the ones that picked on me. They may have picked on me in the class but in the gym, playing dodgeball, they knew better.

PC has evolved to far more than just this. Last season Christmas trees were repeatedly called "Holiday Trees." This is beyond nonsense. It became far worse to even mention Christmas. I can't say I have many problems with the term "Happy Holidays" but to go as far as to say that I can't use the word Christmas is just problematic. This is just one of many prime examples.

It is unfair to fail kids in school because of fear of lawsuits, hurt feelings, and mental damage. If your kid is in 9th grade and reads like he or she is in 1st grade he or she SHOULD be failed and you, as a parent, should realize this and do your damn job. What's worse is our education system is failing because of this and another major problem. The school boards are too busy looking for bilingual teachers so that lesson plans can be taught in Spanish rather than in English. We no longer make it a priority to teach English, because it isn't PC. Though English may only be the de facto language and not the official, this has gone too far.

PC is slowly withering away the very fabric of this nation. The very nature of turning everything into a question of whether or not it will hurt someone's feelings is something that will only lead to destruction and failure. The minute we started changing our way of life because it hurt the feelings of eight people it should have thrown up a red flag. It never did and now look at what we're dealing with, this has just gone too far.


  • I've been attacked for hosting a Christmas party in my own home, on my own private property. I was told I had to call it a holiday party, with no religious references. I am tired of PC crybabies trying to tell everyone how to run their private lives.

    By Blogger Jan, at 6:43 PM  

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